Certain customers are using web filtering proxies and/or restricted firewall egress rules on their networks. The IntelliShun appliance needs to be able to access our APIs in order to function properly.

The following URLs need to be added to your webfilter whitelist:

  • iplist.device.riskanalytics.io
  • heartbeat.device.riskanalytics.io
  • ipscore.device.riskanalytics.io
  • remote.device.riskanalytics.io
  • async.device.riskanalytics.io
  • api.riskanalytics.com
  • hosted.riskanalytics.com
  • supportvpn.riskanalytics.com
  • mirror.riskanalytics.com
  • mirror.riskanalytics.com.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com

  • myraforce.com
  • cyberrisktool.com

The following ports should be whitelisted on your egress filter:

  • TCP 80 and 443
  • UDP 53, 1720, and 1776

The following IPs should be whitelisted on your egress filter: