If you have been notified that your IntelliShun has stopped communication here are some troubleshooting steps that can be performed before contacting us.

  1. Did you have network changes that coincide with the IntelliShun loss of communication?
  2. Does the device have power?  If power fails, traffic will still pass through it. 
  3. Do you have link lights on the LAN port and the switch port it is plugged into?
  4. Can you ping the LAN interface using the address that you configured or the DHCP address assigned?
  5. If you can ping, does your ARP table show the MAC address associated to the IP starting with 00:0c:bd?
  6. Can you sniff the LAN port to see the traffic to/from the device. You should see traffic every minute.

Answering these questions can help us assist you with determining the reason for the loss of communication.