IntelliShun is a network security appliance that uses a stateless bridge to block or allow traffic bi-directionally by IP address. The IntelliShun appliance is bridged between your edge router and your firewall. 

The IntelliShun has three interfaces; Bridge, LAN and Service. The IntelliShun ‘heartbeats’ over the internet to an API server at RiskAnalytics. Every few minutes the IntelliShun appliance gets new IP ShunListSM data from RiskAnalytics while posting shun statistics and device status back to RiskAnalytics. 

The shun statistics and device status are logged in the RA Force web application for reporting. The ShunList used by IntelliShun is an intelligent and vetted list of known malicious threats; including but not limited to malware distribution, crimeware, and botnets. 

The list is continuously updated and maintained by RiskAnalytics security personnel. You can whitelist and blacklist certain IP addresses that are critical to business operations. IntelliShun prevents attacks by malicious entities and prohibits existing compromised workstations from communicating with command and control systems managed by malicious users. IntelliShun's underlying technology allows devices on your network to access the internet while being protected by the ShunList.

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