In order to access the IntelliShun setup GUI you will need to use a supported browser.  Currently, we support the following browsers and versions:

Click the link above of your desired browser to perform an update.

*** Please Note: If you received your device prior to 4/8/15 attempts to set up the device using a version of Internet Explorer earlier than version 10 will fail, despite appearing to work successfully ***

We are currently working on a fix that will prompt Users to use a supported browser automatically on the GUI, until then, please be aware of your browser version and review the examples below of what might be displayed in the GUI should you use an unsupported browser.

Examples of Using the GUI with an Unsupported Browser

Example 1: In the example below the "Success" and "Failure" icons are both visible, as well as the "Next" button is clickable, although the tests have yet to finish.

Example 2: In the example below both results from bridge test are shown before the process completes.