Navigating to a material dashboard (Training, Policy, Inspection Checklists and Best Practice Assessments) is achieved by either selecting the icon on the left hand navigation, the icon within the donut on the main dashboard, or a filter from the donut on the main dashboard.




Once on the material dashboard, additional filtering and searching of the list and graph can be achieved. Searching or filtering is achieved in three ways:

  • Filtering based on User Category - Selecting a color of the graph will filter the list to only show users who fall within that category. A “reset” button will appear when a filter is applied. This reset feature will only apply to the user category filter.
  • Filtering based on Material - Below the donut graph is a drop-down menu of all the titles contained within the material. Selecting one of these titles will filter the list to show only users who have been assigned a task for that title. Selecting “all” or another title will change your results.
  • Searching based on User - Above the user list is a search box. This allows you to hone in on a specific user while also taking into consideration any of the filters (status, title) that have been applied. To return to the list of all users, simply remove the text in the search box and click “search” again to reset the list.

Below is an example of the Training Dashboard when user category and course filter are applied.




By selecting a user from the filtered/searched, list you will be brought directly to that user's profile, where you can review their task status in more detail. 

To manage your task assignments, titles and content via the catalog click the “Go To Training (Policy, Checklist, Assessment, etc.) Administration” link in the top right-hand corner. The same options you’ve had in the past are available here for managing your organization's content and obtaining status and reporting on task assignments.