Note: This feature does not yet apply to AIG RiskToolAdvantage Customers.


Administrators and managers can quickly obtain a glimpse of where the organization stands in relation to the tasks that have been assigned to their users. With a single click, users who have overdue tasks or have failed a task can be identified. 

The reporting on the dashboard is based on your users’ overall task status. Each User can be a member of only one of the following categories:

  • Failed (Red) - User has at least one task they have failed
  • 6 Months Overdue (Orange) - User has at least one task 6 months overdue
  • 3-6 Months Overdue (Yellow) - User has at least one task 3-6 months overdue
  • Current (Light Blue) - User is no more than 3 months overdue for any task
  • Passed (Dark Blue) - User has passed all of their tasks
  • No Activity (Grey) - There are no assigned tasks in this material 



Scrolling over each color provides a tooltip that indicates the % of users and total number of users who fall into this category. A user’s category is determined by the assigned task(s) most overdue or in need of attention. For example, if user James Brown has nine “passed” tasks and one that is 6 months overdue, he will be listed in the orange category indicating 6 months overdue. Once he passes that task, he would be updated to the dark blue passed category.

Clicking on the icon in the middle of the donut graph will navigate you to that material’s dashboard. The graph displayed will be the same information as what is shown on My Dashboard, and no filters will be applied.