On September 3, 2015 we released a new administrative feature to RiskTool. With this release we’ve increased the customization options when it comes to which content and materials you want your users to have access to in RiskTool. You’ll now be able to assign specific groups of content, called “Topics” in RiskTool, to your users. This functionality is intended for your training and compliance managers who are assigning materials out to your lower-level users.

For instance, if you had a training manager who only managed HR, you can now apply topics to that individual that pertain directly to the content you want them to assign out. Customizing your managers’ available list of materials will simplify their RiskTool user experience.

Topic Overview

You will continue to receive free content from RiskTool through the system-level topics, as you have in the past, as part of your RiskTool package. In addition to the provided topics, you can now create your own custom topics for any custom content you may have added to these modules:

  • Training

  • Policies

  • Best Practice Assessments

  • Inspection Checklists

System topics can still be hidden if your organization chooses not to make them visible to users, while your custom topics will remain visible.

Topic Migration

Any of the materials you have previously added to the above modules will be migrated into new topics that have been created based on the defined “type” that had been associated to that material prior to this release.

For example, if you had added a policy named “Employee Manual” and given it a type of “HR” prior to this release, that policy would still exist, but it would be associated with a new topic called “HR” now listed in your topic menu.

Creating Topics

To create a new topic, use the following instructions:

  1. Log in as an Administrator

  2. Select the “Administration” tab

  3. Select the “Topics” link

  4. Click “Create Topic” in the upper right-hand corner

  5. Give the Topic a name

  6. Provide a description of the topic or content to be contained within

  7. Click “Add”

Your topic will now be available when you go to add new materials in the four modules described above.

Hiding Topics

Hiding topics is only available for the topics that are included with RiskTool. Your custom topics that were created by your organization cannot be hidden.

Associating Topics to Content

To add or change the topic of a material, simply create a new material or edit an existing material. You will see a “Topic” drop-down from which you can change the topic for that material.

A material may not be associated to more than one topic.

Adding Topics to Your Users

To add a topic to a user, follow these instructions:

  1. Login as an Administrator

  2. Select the “Administration” tab

  3. Select the “Users” link

  4. Choose a user (or create a new one)

  5. At the bottom of the user form will be a “view all topics” drop-down menu. If set to “yes,” the user will be assigned all topics; if set to “no,” you will be able to define the specific topics for that user

  6. Click “Update” (or “Add” for a new user)