RiskAnalytics is proud to announce the first major feature release for the SkyCoal platform. These changes to your SkyCoal device will take effect automatically and will not require any interruption of service. Prior to the update, you will have received a notification regarding the update. Once your device has been updated (within 30 days after the initial notification), you will receive a second notification indicating the update was completed and successful.  

SkyCoal 1.2-5 Release Notes

  • In some cases, speed and duplex were not persisting between device reboots; this has been fixed. If you have made configuration changes to the speed and duplex settings of your device, you may have to set them again via the administration GUI.
  • Remote syslog support via the administration GUI has been enabled. The SkyCoal device can now notify a syslog server with important events and data pertaining to the operation of the device.
  • SNMP support via the administration GUI has been enabled. The SkyCoal device can now respond to SNMP queries and provide monitoring systems with important system vitals.
  • Firmware version now shown in the lower left of the administration GUI. If no firmware version is visible, this means you are on a software release prior to this one.
  • Diagnostics now available via the administration GUI. The link labeled "Diagnostics" in the lower left will provide a file that can be sent to RiskAnalytics to assist in troubleshooting.
  • Setup of the device has been streamlined and should be less error prone.
  • Unsupported browsers will now be unable to begin or continue setup of the device.
  • Fixed a case where the remote support tunnel had been successfully opened, but the user was prompted that it hadn't been.
  • Handling and propagating error messages to avoid silent failures and unhelpful wording like "An error occurred."

Please contact support@riskanalytics.com or open a ticket above with any questions regarding this update.