On January 30th, 2015 we released an update to the RiskTool platform that includes some minor changes to the User Interface.  Users should be aware that System functionality will not change, but some of the buttons, links and the general layout of the site will look more updated and current with today's software stylings.

Please note: This update does not affect RiskTool Advantage customers.  RiskTool Advantage customers will receive this update at a later date.

Below is a screenshot of the "Training" tab dashboard.  Some items to highlight include:

  • Tab navigation has be re-designed
  • Layouts have more of a squared interface
  • Fonts are updated

The next screenshot shows a "User" profile found in Administration by clicking on "Users" and a specific User.  Some items to highlight include:
  • All actionable buttons and links are now provided in the right hand sidebar
  • The most important, or frequently used buttons are provided at the top of the list

We've also optimized the System to be viewable on mobile devices.  The following screenshots show how the system can be displayed on a narrow browser or device such as a mobile phone or tablet.  This is a screenshot of the "Policies" area where reporting can be obtained by clicking into a Policy or you can obtain reports and create custom Policies.  Some highlights include:

  • Right sidebar actionable items and information are moved below the main frame
  • Menus and grids gracefully compress reducing horizontal scrolling

If you have additional questions about the new look and feel please contact support@riskanalytics.com and we will assist you in any way possible.