For the purposes of this article we will use Training as our example. Assigning is also available for Policies, Best Practice Assessments and Inspection Checklists.

Before assigning Training, you first must:

  • Have Users in the system to assign materials to. (To learn more review the "Adding Users" article.)

Additionally, you must either add training to My Training Courses by:

  • Creating a custom Training material, or
  • Adding Training from the provided Training Catalog. (Link is available on the left-hand sidebar.)

  1. Now that you have your Training available in the list, you can proceed with assigning it to desired Users.Click on the title of a material you would like to assign to a User or Group of Users. You’ll be taken to a page listing the details of that material, its current status, and the list of people and/or groups who are currently assigned as recipients for that material. You may not have any recipients at this time. 


  2. The Training will be in a "paused" status when initially added to your library. Leave as is for now.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Training and click "Add Recipients."


  4. You can add Recipients by:
    1. All Users -- Any User who exists in the System or is added to the System will receive the assignment.
    2. By User -- Individual Users who are selected will receive the assignment.
    3. By Group -- Selecting Group name will assign training to users associated with that group. 
  5. You may select multiple Users or User Groups from the list above as desired.
  6. Click "Save."
  7. The page will refresh and navigate back to the material details page.  You can now see the added Users listed.


  8. When ready, Activate the Training in the blue bar at the top.  At this time, notifications will go out to assigned Users that they have a new task to complete in the system.