We’re streamlining the way you assign training materials to your users!

On November 25, 2014 we updated the System to simplify how tasks are assigned to users.

You’ll no longer use the existing Assignment Wizard. From now on you’ll simply view the material you’d like to assign and choose your assignees at the same time.

This upgrade requires us to migrate existing assignments and tasks into the new workflow. You’ll need to follow a few steps to ensure all existing tasks are available to your Users:

On 11/25/14, here’s what you’ll need to do:

1.  Log in to your System

2.  Navigate to the materials you have previously assigned out (Training, Policies, Inspections or Best Practices.)
3.  The screenshot below shows the Training Dashboard with all of your materials in various states of "Active" and "Paused".  In the screenshot below "Botnets - Whiteboard Session" is in a Paused Status.

4.  Click on the title of a material you have or would like to assign to a User.  You’ll be taken to a page listing the details of that material, its current status, and the list of people and/or groups who are currently assigned as recipients for that material.

Some Users may have already taken tasks if the material was previously assigned.

5.  Review the Training material’s recipients on the bottom of the page.  Make any changes as appropriate.

6.  When you are ready, click “Activate Training” in the upper right hand corner of the page to make that material active.  

7.  This will take the material out of a “paused” status and re-enable the tasks for the Users, as well as send out new task notifications to any new recipients you may have added.  In the exampled below, "Botnets - Whiteboard Session" is now active and tasks that were previously assigned out will be available and new recipients will get notified of their new task.

Note: Any open user tasks for previously existing assignments will be hidden until the assigned material is made active. You must activate the material in order for your Users to complete their tasks.