Tasks are assigned to Users through the system.  Once a task has been assigned, the User will receive an email with instructions, and a link to complete the Task.  The link will take the User directly to their task.

An alternative flow to completing tasks is listed below:

  1. Log in to your System using either the generic login page or your companies Custom URL.  This link can be found on any email communication.  If you need assistance obtaining your login page please open a ticket above.
  2. Find your task - Tasks can be found by clicking on the "My Tasks" link located on the left side of the screen
  3. Each task is assigned a Status to let the user know what they need to complete.  The different status options are as follows -
    • Available - A task that has been assigned, but has not been started 
    • In Progress - A task that has been started, but not yet completed
    • Passed - A task that was completed and the user received a passing score
    • Failed - A task that was completed, but the user did not receive a passing score (If no retries are allowed on the task, the user will need to contact their system administrator for reassignment of the task)

4. Select your task to complete 

      5.  In the gray box at the top of the page, click on ALL of the included attachments to view the material and activate the test. For a training material, this may be a video which will immediately open and begin playing, or it could be a PDF or PPT download. 

      6. If it is a video, click the play arrow in the center of the screen to begin.  When complete, click on “x” in the top right corner of video screen to close the pop-up screen and return to the test.  If there is a second attachment, be sure to open it as well.

      7. Answer the questions on the test and click on “finish now” in the bottom left corner of the screen.

      8. Your task result will be displayed at which point you are finished

      9. You can view the status of any task on the My Tasks dashboard