The System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing (SERFF) is a web-based application that enables companies to streamline their rate and form filing process. By filing electronically, insurers and other companies save administrative costs and shorten the response time to gain regulatory approvals. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) selected RiskAnalytics as its data hosting provider for companies seeking secure, long-term storage of their rate and form regulatory filings.

A state filing submitted on the NAIC Server becomes the property of that state’s Department of Insurance. Such filings are subject to the individual state’s retention policy and may be deleted at any time. With RiskAnalytics, insurers have peace of mind that their records are secure and that historical filings can be accessed at any time, quickly and easily.

Remote hosting is as simple as obtaining usernames and passwords and logging in through your web browser – RiskAnalytics does the rest. Services include all application and platform administration, system maintenance, daily backups (with secure, offsite storage) and version control. As part of our value added hosting services, RiskAnalytics can also set up one or multiple partitions for your company, allowing you to segregate filings based on business needs. Clients are provided with cost-effective and burden-free 24/7 access to their historical fillings as well as advanced search and reporting tools that allow authorized users to define, filter and export data into customizable reports.

Download SERFF Data Hosting Overview PDF