The first Administrator to log into the System will be required to perform a brief Setup Wizard.  The Wizard is designed to give you a basic overview of the solutions the software provides as well as customizing what your system will be populated with from a content perspective.  

Step 1 - Introduction

The System Overview video will be presented at the beginning of the Setup Wizard.  

You can watch the video here:  Watch the RiskTool Video  

Step 2 - Your Company

Your Company Name - Enter your company name as you'd like it to appear.  This field has been populated based on what was inputted during your registration process.

Custom URL - This is a required custom field.  By entering your company name or abbreviation in this field the URL where your Users will log in will be customized to your organization.  There are multiple benefits to customizing this space:

  • Additional customizations like adding a logo and color scheme to your System can be achieved once the Wizard has been completed
  • All global Usernames are available as you have a custom space in our database ie JohnSmith can be used as a Username for both your Organization and others since your Users will be logging in to this custom URL

Its suggested to use something short, so if your company name is "Peach Tree Financial" entering simply "peachtree" in this space is acceptable.  The system will indicate if the term has already been used by another organization at which point you'll have to choose something new.  You do not need to enter ".com" or anything else, the system will automatically place that part of your URL on the end.  

Your Custom URL will be communicated to you at the end of the Wizard at which point you should save it as a favorite as this is where you will be logging in from that point forward.

Number of Employees - We're trying to gauge the size of our customers, this does not affect how many Users you are allowed or the price you pay for our service.

Number of Locations - Again, we're trying to gauge the size of our customer base.

Step 3 - Industries

Simply go through the list and choose the one or multiple industries that fit your organization best.  At this point this is for research purposes and no customizations will be made to your system although in the future we may enhance the system to gear directly towards your industry group(s).

Step 4 - Topics

Note: The modules listed in this example are for RiskTool.  RiskTool Advantage Customers will have additional Modules related to that product.

Here's where you can really customize the type of materials you find in your System.  Topics include materials like Training, Policy Documents, Inspection Checklists, Best Practice Assessments and Resources (you can customize which of these top level groups you want to have available in the next step).  

If you're not sure which might apply to you scroll over the "i" icon and get a description for each Topic group.  If you're still unsure, the best course of action is to select all topics.  Your list of Topics you've made available can be edited in the Administration menu once you've completed the Wizard.

Step 5 - Modules

Note: The topics listed in this example are for RiskTool. RiskTool Advantage Customers will have Environmental, Health and Safety related Topics

Modules are the functionality in the System available to you.  Like Topics, Modules can be edited later once you've had a chance to review the functionality of each.  

Step 7 - Completing the Wizard and Loading Users

Your new URL will be displayed if you chose one, this should be saved as a favorite and used to log into the System from this point on.  Distribute this URL to your Users once set up and/or add to your company Intranet site so Users can easily access this custom space for your Organization.

Lastly, the final step of the Wizard will prompt you to load your Users.  Based on the number of employees you selected back in Step 2 we will present you with what we feel is the most logical method to uploading and adding Users into the System.  Explore the different methods for uploading Users and choose the process that is right for you.  You can always load your users later and add Users by going to the Administration tab when you are ready to get your employees set up with access.