Messages can be sent from RiskTool to you as a Customer User.  There are several types of Messages that may come to your InBox both within the System or through email based on your notification settings (located in your "Profile").

These types include:

  • Assigned Tasks - Notifies you that a Task has been assigned for you to complete
  • Assignment Completion - Notifies you that an Assignment has been completed
  • Assignment Information - Notifies you of general Assignment information
  • Assignment Reminders - Notifies you that an Assignment is outstanding
  • First Report of Incidents - Notifies you a First Report of Incident has been created in the system either manual or automatically based on a Claim feed
  • Load Status - Notifies you of the result of a system import (Users, Locations, Organizations, Occupations, etc.)
  • Newsletter - A general notification in the form of a "newsletter"
  • Reports - Daily, Weekly or Monthly reporting notifications
  • Risk Alert - A industry, environmental or system based notification that has some urgency for you to review
  • Standard - General notification that will typically inform you about System updates and improvements

To view your messages, click on "Inbox" located in the top right corner of the Main Dashboard.
Messages can be viewed by clicking on the message title and viewing the content.  Messages can be easily removed by deleting them.  Once a message is deleted it is gone and can not be retrieved.