Passwords can be changed manually by Users with the "Edit Users" permission in User Roles.  Typically this responsibility is only given to Administrators however, a Company can set up a Custom User Role that would allow this Custom User to perform this task.

To change a User's Password, navigate the following steps from the Home tab in the System:'

  1. Click the blue "Manage Users" button located in the top right-hand corner of the screen
  2. Select the user you'd like to change the password for
  3. In the blue bar click the "Change Password" link
  4. Enter a new password, the same in each field
  5. Passwords must:
    1. Have at least 8 characters
    2. Have at least one lowercase letter
    3. Have at least one uppercase letter
    4. Have at least one number
    5. Not be a previously used password
  6. Click "Update"

 This password reset that the administrator performed is a temporary password only.  The user will be required to select a new password once logged in.