When your RiskTool Administrator created you as a user in the system, you would have most likely received an email from the System or from your RiskTool Administrator that would have included your Username, Password and the Web Address to log into the System.  

Your Username is also located on the bottom of any assignment notification you may have received. 

If you did not receive notification of your login credentials, or have misplaced the communication, here are some common methods companies use when setting up a Username:

  1. Email Address 
  2. Employee ID 
  3. Combination of First Initial/Name and Last Initial/Name (ie danbrown, dbrown or danb)

Helpful Tips:

  • Usernames are not case sensitive
  • Usernames never contain spaces
  • Be sure there is no space at the beginning of the Username when typing it in to the login area

If you are still having problems figuring out your Username contact your RiskTool Administrator or our help desk by opening a ticket within the Support Portal, emailing support@risktool.com or calling toll-free 1-855-639-4427.