User Interface for your Shunning Services

The user interface for your shunning services is called FORCE.  This is the portal where you will login to see your shunning reports, subscribe to shunlists, and add your custom whitelist/shunlists.  The various components can be accessed through the left-hand sidebar.  Each component is summarized below:


Overview:  This is an interactive graph that, by default, will display your last 7days of your security-based and policy-based blocks.

Services:  This is the list of all the services that are associated with your account.

IP Blocks:  A report of security-based and policy-based IPs that have been blocked, inbound and outbound, within a specified time frame (default is for all services within a 7 day span) 

Assets:  Similar to IP Blocks, but provides an asset-centric view of outbound activity originating from your network, displaying which addresses on your network have been blocked by which shunlist.

Alerts (only visible for ThreatSweep services):  Lists all low, medium, and hot alerts that have been identified by your ThreatSweep service.  Gives you the ability to create alert workflow for documentation purposes.

Events (only visible for ThreatSweep services):  Lists all events detected on your network in the last 24 hours


Blocks by Service:  This report will show the amount of blocks occurring for the services on your account within a specific timeframe - default is 7 days.

Blocks by Lists:  This report will show the total number of blocks associated with a specific shunlist based on parameters set for service and timeframe (default view is that of all services for 7 day timeframe).

Research Tools

Threat Intel Search:  Allows you to search for an IP address and be returned pertinent details regarding the information we have available.


Alert Configuration (only visible for ThreatSweep services):  Provides customization for the types of alerts you would like to receive notifications about.

IP Lists:  Description of all IP lists, along with the ability to subscribe to provided optional lists or create your own shunlist/whitelist.