RA FORCE Portal:  Customizing Your View

Customizing Blocks Displayed:  

By default, the overview that is displayed when you login to FORCE will be of all inbound and outbound blocks of the services on your account for 7 days.  You have the ability to customize this view by using the drop-down menus to the right of the navigation bar.  Each drop-down menu is described below:

Services:  Allows you to select the specific service you would like displayed in the graph

Time Picker:  Allows you to choose the timeframe for data displayed, up to 12 months

Select data set:  Allows you to select which directional blocks to display (inbound or outbound) for security shunlists, policy shunlists, or your customer-created shunlists.

 More granular view:

At times you may want to have a more granular view of the data displayed.  You may only have an interest in the blocks from one shunlist in particular, or want to take a closer look at a specific time of day, or number of blocks per hour.  The capability of zooming in on your data is explained below:

Blocks and ShunlistsThe names of the top 5 shunlists represented in the graph are listed under the graph itself. Blocks from all other lists will be displayed together as “other”.  Clicking on the name of a shunlist will hide it from view so that other lists will be more visible.  Once you have viewed the shunlist(s) of interest, click again on the names of the shunlists to bring the hidden lists back into the graph.

Clicking and Dragging:  Clicking and dragging within the graph allows you to have a closer look of the type of blocks that occurred during the highlighted timeframe.  Once you have clicked and dragged a section of the graph, a new view will be displayed reflecting your action. The highlighted timeframe will be displayed in the “time picker” menu.  

Scroll Over:  Scrolling over data points in the graph will show the number of blocks and specific shunlist that occurred within that hour.   


When the view of the shun data has been changed from the default view, the list of the Top 10 Blocked IPs will update accordingly to the perimeters set.  This list is found on the right side of the screen.

To revert back to the default view, click on the “reset view” button located under the “Select data set” section.  Once back to the default view, this button will disappear.

All data shown can be downloaded in a CSV file or as a PDF.