Blocking IP addresses belonging to specific countries has become more difficult.  IPv4 addresses are being bought, sold, and traded daily.  An IP address that was assigned to a country one day, could be traded and belong to a different country the next day.  Because of this fluctuation, RiskAnalytics has stopped supporting country lists and currently offer region lists for customers who wish to continue to geoblock. Region lists block large subsets of IP addresses from a particular region. If you are a company that wishes to geoblock, we recommend unsubscribing from the country lists and subscribe to the region lists.  

A word of caution:

Customers who are using our shunning devices should not block traffic to or from regions where they need to communicate with business partners and/or their customers. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to clearly know where one's business partners may host their data operations. Also, please keep in mind that global internet services such as Amazon and Google use resources that may be based out of these regions. Blocking them could lead to unstable access or functionality of their services.  For a company that has significant overseas business operations, region blocking should be used very sparingly, if at all.

If you do decide to subscribe to region lists, the RA Force administrator needs to be familiar with creating custom whitelists and researching IP address characteristics in RA Force.