Current completed tasks will stay on a user's permanent record.

RiskTool is designed to automatically assign any training or policy that is currently assigned to a group to any new user that is added to that group.  This was designed as an administrative convenience.  However, this convenience caused users that are moved from one group to another to repeat the training.  We are pleased to announce that the new enhancement to the task assignments fixes this issue.

Starting with the release of this update, once a task is completed, it will remain valid, regardless of any user changes. For example, if an administrator adds a user to a new group, and that group has tasks assigned to them, the new user that was added to that group will only be automatically assigned those tasks if that user has not completed the tasks prior to the move.

Release date will at the end of the day March 23, 2018, live in production for all RiskTool customers the morning of March 24, 2018.