Logging into RiskTool requires a username and password that is created by your system’s administrator.  When you have trouble logging in, you may receive one of two messages:

  1.  Invalid username/password:

This means that either your username and/or password was entered incorrectly. 

If you received a task notification, your username will be posted at the bottom of that notification.  Please make sure the username that you are entering matches with what is posted at the bottom of task notification.

The password field is case sensitive, so any capital letters in your password must be typed in appropriately.

After three failed attempts of logging in, a CAPTCHA will appear below login fields.  If after the third attempt you remember your correct username and password, enter them in the appropriate fields and click the CAPTCHA box and then submit.

If you do not remember your password, click on the forgot password link.  You will be taken to a password reset page:

- Enter your username

-click on the CAPTCHA box, if provided

-click submit

You will receive a message indicating the email address in which the system has sent your temporary password:

-Enter your username and temporary password on the login page

-Click the CAPTCHA box, if provided

-Click login

2.  CAPTCHA verification failed:

This message means that the CAPTCHA failed.  It is not the same as invalid username/password. 

Receiving this message means that you did not click the CAPTCHA box provided (if using a desktop), or you did not select the correct images (if using a mobile device).

If you are certain that you did click the appropriate box or images, and you still receive CAPTCHA verification failed, this indicates that it could be a browser issue.  Please try using a different browser.