With this release to RiskTool we’ve focused on task reporting both at the group and user level.  Additionally, a new feature now allows you to completely turn off notifications on individual materials you are assigning tasks out for.  

The enhancements go live Friday, November 11, 2016 with the following system updates and additions:

  1. Notification Settings on Assignable Materials - You can now turn off all user notifications on training, policies, inspection checklists and assessments
  2. Task Summary Report on Assignable Materials - We have renamed the modal report on each assignable material from “##% Completed - # / # Users Completed“ to “Task Summary Report - ##% Completed" to make it more intuitive
  3. User and Group Task Data Reports - A complete download of all user and group task data that can be customized by date range, date created and date completed and drilled down all the way to the end users result summary
  4. Training Certificates - We've added a training certificate download for all completed training as well as a export of each users certificates available on the user tasks page

1. Notification Settings on Assignable Materials 

With this new feature you'll be able to turn off all notifications via a "Send Notifications" drop down found in the Notification Settings of each Training, Policy, Inspection Checklist and Assessment title. When the "Send Notifications" drop-down menu is set to "No" all email notifications will be disabled to user and administrators alike.


2. Task Summary Report on Assignable Material

The report at the bottom of each Training, Policy, Inspection Checklist and Assessment title was unclear so we've renamed it as the "Task Summary Report" and indicating what percentage of the open tasks have been completed to give you a quick glance at the status of the tasks you've assigned out.  By clicking into the report a modal will appear and allow you to slice and dice the data around open assigned tasks, and previously completed historic tasks.  By updating the advanced options you can view your task data and obtain a CSV download of the data. 


3.  Task Reports (by User and Group) 

We've added new task reports that you are able to drill into and obtain the full data set around your assigned tasks.  The data is available within the website with sortable columns and a graph, a PDF download and as a CSV so that you can manipulate the data how you see fit.  The goal of these reports was to give you access to all task data across our four assignable materials - training, policies, inspection checklists and assessments.  In each report set, you can drill directly into the group or user and see the actual result, or see a complete set of data for that user which can be sorted or exported based on what is displayed.


4. Training Certificates

You can now obtain certificates for every passed training task. Certificates can be accessed via the Task Summary Report mentioned in #2 or by drilling into the new User and Group Task Data reports mentioned in #3. In each case, buy clicking a user's score their training summary report will be displayed at which point you can click the "Download Certificate" link in the blue bar as seen below.   Additionally, Training Certificates will be downloadable for each user in a batched PDF file by navigating the user in question (via Users), clicking the "Tasks" sub tab and downloading the PDF under the tasks list. 


Below is an example of the certificate.