We've completed another round of user interface enhancements. This release couples some navigation and workflow updates, as well as a new feature for easily adding content from the various catalogs into your bucket of titles (Training, Policies, Assignments or Inspections). We appreciate all the customer feedback that went into these improvements and hope to receive more in the future.  

The enhancements go live Wednesday, October 12th with the following system updates and additions:

1.  Module Icons - We went back to the drawing board on our module icons. With so many of our modules being similar in nature (policies and vendor policies, inspections and assessments), we really tried to design icons that would be intuitive for users interacting with RiskTool for the first time.  

2.  Sub-Navigation on the Main Navigation - Quickly accessing the various sub-components of each module has been an issue for new and returning users. Over the course of the past two releases, we've attempted to bring forward various navigational elements to allow you to jump directly to the functionality you'd like to interact with. The drop down menus (and hover menus in the navigation-condensed mode) allow you to access your list of training (or other assignable elements, such as policies), or engage our catalog where you can obtain content that is provided with RiskTool.

3.  Dashboard Legend - While the status indicators have always been (and continue to be) available via hover-over on the donut charts, a status key was something our dashboards lacked. Adding in this status key will allow future PDF versions to come complete with this indicator as well.  

4.  Messages in the Main Header - We've pulled user messages out of the users profile menu in the top right to make it a prominent header navigation element. This new header notification lets you know how many unread RiskTool messages you have in your inbox, at a glance. These messages come directly from the system, and notify you based on your notification settings found in the user profile menu.   


5.  Create Training and Catalog Buttons Shortcut - The upper right-hand corner of RiskTool is increasingly becoming a more prominent place to highlight commonly used functions within the system. We've moved the "Create" and "Add" functions for each assignable module (Training, Policies, Inspection Checklists and Assessments) from the dark blue bar into the the highlighted area below.


6.  Multi-Selection from the Catalog - When adding content from the catalog, you can now select multiple titles and quickly add them to your main list to assign out. Once you select the checkboxes, as highlighted below, there is a button at the bottom of the page to "Add," at which point each selected title will be populated into your list. We hope this streamlines the process of adding titles, which was once a fairly time-consuming activity to bring each title over one by one.

7.  Attachment Icons - We've revised the attachment icons to be more intuitive. In most cases, our attachments in the Training section are all videos, but as you add custom training, you can select from a number of file formats and choose your attachment type, which now come with these new icons. Powerpoint slide and video icons are depicted in the sample below.


Upcoming Features

Our next block of updates will include a new report scheme designed to give customers all of their task data by user and by group with just the click of a button. These reports will reside in the "Reports" section of RiskTool and roll up all task data based on either "Date Created" or "Date Completed." You will have the ability to set a date range and return all user and group data as desired. Additionally, there will be functionality to get specific user reports over that same period of time for all assigned tasks. We hope to deliver this new reporting scheme in November.