DNS ShunLists can be made by either uploading a comma separated file of Domain Names or by manually typing individual Domain Names into the RAForce web panels.

Manual Method

1. log in to your RAForce system using your custom domain. It may look similar to: https://companyname.myraforce.com/login.html

2. Select “DNS Lists” on the left-hand navigation

3. Select "Create New DNS List" in the top right corner

3. You'll be directed to the "Create New DNS List" page

4. Fill out the metadata of the new DNS list you want to create

5. Select “Add New Domain Name”

6. Fill out the required metadata

7. You are finished adding addresses

8. Activate the list to allow your services to start using it

9. The audit log needs a record of all changes made and why

10. Now, you can select “Subscribe” next to the device where you want the shunning to occur

11. Complete

File Upload Method

1. Prepare the CSV file for upload and perform steps 1-4 as listed above in Manual Method

  • Note that lines that start with a “#” sign are ignored as comments
  • Note that lines may have a description. Lines without a description will have a description auto-generated.

2. Select "Import List Contents" and provide list metadata

3. Select “Browse,” then "Upload and Preview"

4. Add a log message and select "Confirm Import" to upload

5. Upload complete

6. Continue steps 7-10 as listed above in Manual Method

  • Note: any Customer List can be created and managed by any combination of manual editing and file uploading