***NOTE: This article applies ONLY to AIG customers who have A&E, Crime/Fidelity, Cyber, D&O, EPL or K&R policies using RiskAnalytics Services***

What does "Review Status" mean?

Your access to RiskAnalytics services are based off your organization obtaining certain coverages or lines of business with AIG.  These insurance polices are typically 12 months in length but can be shorter or longer depending on how the policy was developed.  RiskAnalytics receives a nightly feed of policy data from AIG that tells us which customers are currently considered "Active" with AIG.  If we no longer observe that one of your previously found coverages is available we will place the access to the content and modules in RiskTool that correlate to that coverage into a review status for up to 60 days. 

Will I lose access to my services during this time?

No, your access to RiskTool and any other RiskAnalytics services will remain intact for the duration of the review period. 

When will I lose access to my services?

Once your review period comes to an end, you will no longer be able to access the applicable RiskAnalytics services.  In the event you would like to maintain the services please contact customer care at support@riskanalytics.com and we will make sure that a RiskAnalytics sales representative reaches out to you to maintain services prior to the end of the review period.  In some cases, you may be contacted directly by a RiskAnalytics sales representative to proactively engage you on maintaining your services.

Where do I find out whether my access is in a review status?

The RiskTool dashboard upon login will provide you with notification of the coverage(s) that are currently in a review status.  In addition, any time that a coverage goes from active to review we will send all Administrators on the account a notification that there has been a change and the coverage in question is now in review. As always, please feel free to reach out to support@riskanalytics.com with any questions regarding the status of your RiskAnalytics services.

In the future this notification will also be placed on RA Force for customers who have a RiskAnalytics Shunning device.

Why is a review status required?

Often times coverages are bound or written but have not been entered into AIG's policy database.  What this means is that a policy expiration date may pass, but the new policy is not yet showing up as active.  We have built this review status as a way to continue to provide services while we wait for a new policy to arrive in the daily feed RiskAnalytics receives.