For AIG CyberEdge Customers only

On June 2, 2016 we released a new feature customized specifically for AIG CyberEdge RiskTool customers.  This feature allows you to add your internal incident response contacts, upload documents, 

review AIG claims information and select from several available legal entities who offer 2-free hours of consultation as part of your AIG CyberEdge policy.


Only users with the proper permissions may access the Incident Response feature.  By default, users with the Administrator role will have access.  A new option when creating a custom user role is now available 

as well in the event the customer wants to set up a unique role to their organization.

Navigational Elements

To access the new Incident Response module click the icon on the header.  A white bell highlighted by a red circle indicates you have not set up your incident response feature.  

When complete, the icon will be replaced with a grey circle.

Wizard - Overview

The overview will provide you with the basic information you’ll be asked to enter while moving through the wizard. All of these steps are editable upon completion.

Step 1 - Contacts

Basic contact information such as Name, Email, Title and Phone Number are required to add a new incident response contact.  These individuals can be either internal or external to your organization.  You may add up to 5 contacts.

Step 2 - Documents

Most file types are accepted when uploading internal incident response documents.  Have these files available to upload in this step.

Step 3 - Legal Counsel

Select a firm to obtain 2 free hours of consultation as provided by your AIG CyberEdge policy.  To review the services offered click “Learn More” about each firm.  Once you select a firm the their contact information will be displayed on the main Incident Response page.

NOTE: As the policyholder you are responsible for reaching out to the firm contact listed, they will not be attempting to contact you otherwise.

Upon Completion

Post completion of the wizard the user will be presented with a summary of all entered data as well as an additional section for AIG claims contact information.  

All entered information or legal counsel selection may be edited at any time by users with proper permissions.