The IntelliShun device attempted to contact RiskAnalytics using a TCP connection on port 80 to api.riskanalytics.com and was unable to establish a connection. 

Potential causes 

  1. Egress filters may be in place, preventing this communication from completing. 
  2. The configured DNS server, either from DHCP or manually entered, is incorrect and the IntelliShun device is unable to resolve the hostname “api.riskanalytics.com.” 
  3. Proxy configured on the network is causing interference with the IntelliShun device. 


  1. Change the egress filters to allow port 80 and 443 to api.riskanalytics.com. 
  2. Change the DNS servers to servers that are capable of resolving api.riskanalytics.com 
  3. Configure so the IntelliShun device has full outbound access to the Internet without the proxy causing interference.